It is widely known that no growth is possible without change. All changes that happen in the market and in the company, in their turn, require close attention of the management and feedback from the clients. New products and services, promotions, special offers, new partners, cooperation conditions, motivation system, new employees’ performance and competitors’ advancements – there are tons of information that you need to keep up with. Call-center with telephone survey option helps to cope with this task. 4Service offers its clients a “live” call-center aimed at improving the service quality and increasing customer loyalty, while protecting the client’s interests.

4Service “live” call-center is a unique tool for conducting telephone surveys. During “live” call-center surveys respondents communicate with specialists, who act according to a specific scenario and find individual approach to each respondent. Their objectives are market research, customer retention, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers.

Advantages of “live” call-center from 4Service

Communication with a person, not a robot

The biggest competitive advantage of 4Service call-center is live communication. Highly qualified operators, who were trained to conduct phone surveys, interview respondents and provide feedback. They don’t simply memorize the questions, but can also answer the emerging questions of respondents. At the same time, 4Service operators keep track of all the information that can be valuable for the client.

Professional team

Each project is the result of the united efforts of our call-center specialist, aimed at finding the best solution for each client’s problem. Our team approaches the client’s task in the most appropriate way for each particular case.

Surveys that don’t harm reputation. 

The job of 4Service call-center employees is to answer the respondent like the client himself would do. The operators represent the interests of the client, not the call-center, that is why, telephone surveys provide quality feedback and don’t harm the client’s reputation.

Adaptable to each particular country and project.

“Live” call-center operators are trained before each project and pass the test. The client has access to the scores, and the phone calls start only after the client is fully satisfied with the operator’s work.

Mentality, peculiarities of the country and region, specific company’s activities , even respondent’s mood – all these factors are taken into account by our operators , that is why, communicating with the latter is a pleasure for respondents, and, thus, customer loyalty increases.

Simultaneous fulfillment of several tasks.

A possibility to combine several tasks in one project is also a substantial benefit. For instance, you can find out customers’ opinion about the new product, ask them, if they pay attention to staff greetings and remind about promotions and special offers. This saves you money on conducting a number of different surveys and gives an opportunity to  invest more in service quality.

Increase in profits. 

Respondents who are permanently contacted by “live” call center operators feel valued by the company and become more loyal customers, buying more goods and services, and recommending the company to friends and acquaintances.

4Service “live” call center brings surveys to a new level. Operators are interested in improving service quality and communicate with respondents on behalf of the client in full correspondence with the client’s wishes. The managing team will fulfil any client’s task promptly. 4 Service call center means individual pricing, ready-made contact database of respondents and professional organization of all projects independently of the project’s size. “Live” call-center from 4Service is the service pleasant to deal with.

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