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Today creation of client relations and the promotion of repeat purchases are gaining increasing importance.

In various forms of communication, including advertising copy, social mass media, and even business correspondence, "informal" language is used more often. All this is cause for considering an informal style of communication during sales a good idea.

Though traditional approaches to sales are more popular in Great Britain, some American traditions have also been adopted. But nevertheless false "friendship" and "insincere" words used in an informal approach to sales, as well as the settlement of transactions at the first meeting, have turned out to be not so popular.

According to the results of a recent survey carried out by the "Ask Jeeves" company, 3 out of 10 Britons were sick and tired of being greeted as old friends by people whom they had never met before. As a result, some large companies risk losing 30 % of their potential audience because of such an approach to communication with clients.

To reduce risks, the companies should adjust to the target audience: to collect information on it and to use the corresponding marketing approaches and selling inducements. It might mean that it's necessary to use several different styles of sales depending on the market segment.


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