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Mystery Shopping Helps Give Customers What They Want

If garment retailers want to lead the industry, they will most likely keep an eye on their competitors. Asking mystery shoppers about the situation is a way to better service and sales. A recent survey by Market Force company recognized the Nordstrom network as North America’s favorite garment retailer for the second year in a row. The survey involved more than 6,800 consumers.

Why does this retailer from Seattle rank so highly? The key lies mainly in their excellent customer service and return policies. These benefits are a good way to ensure customer loyalty, since it attracts both ordinary customers and mystery shoppers.

In comparison with other retailers, Nordstrom gained higher scores in shopper assessments. The atmosphere in the outlets was appreciated by 64% of shoppers. Return policies were highly valued by 59% of them. Helpfulness was important to 56% of shoppers and 52% paid attention to the friendliness of the shop assistants.

"Although we often see retailers participating in price wars and hoping to win the hearts and minds of customers, our research shows that this is not always the case," said Janet Eden-Harris, Market Force marketing director. "In fact, as top-companies Nordstrom and Kohl's have shown, it is elements of good service, such as a generous return policy and friendly consultants, that bring about customer satisfaction and customer loyalty."

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