Poor customer service costs US companies £25 billion ($41 billion) per year.

The study found that 44% of US consumers change suppliers because of poor service. 89% of them changed suppliers at least once or twice over the last year. Moreover, 53% of the clients in such cases try to avoid calling the company (out of a fear of not being able to talk immediately with a real person), so they go to competitors right away without even trying to solve the problem.

The main sources of customer dissatisfaction:

• The company does not value them as customers (53%)
• Uncaring / rude call center staff (42%)
• Being redirected multiple times by multiple employees (32%)
• Employees who can’t give complete and competent answers (29%)
• Being placed on hold for a long time (25%)

Considering that respondents spent about average £240 ($392) before switching to another company, the companies were estimated to lose some £25 billion ($41 billion) yearly in addition to the cost of replacing the lost customers and the impact of negative word of mouth.

Faced with a negative experience, 58% of customers would never go to this company again. Half of them would advise friends and colleagues to avoid it. As another piece of evidence that complaints cannot be hidden in the digital age, one-third of consumers (34%) admit that they are ready to take revenge online by posting negative feedback or complaining on social media. Among the 25-34 year old audience, the number of such responses has soared to almost 60%.

"This study is more proof of how much customers affect the success of a business," Jonathan Gale, NewVoiceMedia CEO, said. "Investments in the quality of customer service and a personalized approach will help companies retain customers and expand their business."

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