The awards were based on the ACI ASQ Survey that records a passenger's immediate appraisal from check-in through departure at the gate at more than 300 airports worldwide.
The Awards are presented in four main categories, namely best airport by region, best airport by size, best small airport and best improvement.
The airports that secured the best airport award according to region are Mauritius (Africa), Seoul Incheon (Asia-Pacific), Keflavik (Europe), Guayaquil (Latin America-Caribbean), Amman (Middle East) and Indianapolis (North America).
The best airport awards based on size were presented to Guayaquil (2 to 5 million), Haikou (5 to 15 million), Seoul Gimpo (15 to 25 million), New Delhi (25 to 40 million) and Seoul Incheon (more than 40 million).
Pulkovo Airport (Saint Petersburg, Russia) won ‘Best Improvement for Europe’ nomination. “The airport managing company has invested significant means into the development of Pulkovo Airport. We are happy to see that our investment has demonstrated such return already in the first year of operation of the centralized passenger terminal,” notes Sergey Emdin, the CEO of Northern Capital Gateway LLC, the managing company of Pulkovo Airport.
The global airport trade association was founded in 1991 and represents the interests of airports on the governmental level around the world. It also takes part in setting service standards and facilitates their constant improvement.
This appraisal comes from the opinions of passengers on 34 key service indicators, which help in assessing the performance of airports in respect to their services to passengers. Eight major categories include access, check-in, security, airport facilities, food and beverage, retail and more. It also helps participants evaluate their performance in comparison with their competitors.
"A focus on serving the passenger has become increasingly important to ensuring success. In the fast-changing landscape of worldwide aviation, ASQ is the key to understanding how to increase passenger satisfaction and improve business performance. At the end of the day, good business acumen comes down to a simple equation: better service, improved traffic and a healthier bottom line", claim the award establishers.
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